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Fat Cavitation (Ultrasound)

What is Fat cavitation?

We are pleased to be able to offer here at Creative Touch our Fat Cavitation treatments. This is one of the best techniques for non invasive body sculpturing ULTRA SOUND INDUCED FAT CAVITATION.

It is a body cosmetic treatment, used to break down fat deposits in your body. The procedure uses ultrasonic radio waves to break down fat cells, they are then absorbed by your body by your lymphatic system.

Ultrasound cavitation is highly effective it is only designed to target small areas of fat and help contour your body. It is not a weight loss treatment for people who are trying to lose a lot of weight.

Ultrasound cavitation does not hurt and has very minimal down time if any at all.

We offer this as a stand alone treatment, but results are optimised when used in conjunction with our other treatments.

We usually recommend this treatment follow a CRYOLIPOLYSIS (fat freeze) and alongside Radio frequency. This creates the best results. Our tailor made fat freeze packages are worth looking into.

What is laser lipo?

Another of our Body Sculpturing treatments we offer here at Creative Touch is Laser Lipo, again this is a non invasive treatment that works for the best results, along our other contouring treatments.

It’s growing in popularity and is a great treatment for tightening the tummy, arms, pectoral area (not breast) outer thighs and inner, hips too.

It’s good for smaller areas too such as sculpturing the jawline, neck and chin area.

It’s less invasive than surgical with great result.

The client must however be prepared to incorporate in their lifestyle, drinking between 2/3 litres per day to help wash away the dissolved fat through the lymphatic system. Plus moderate exercise and a good healthy diet.

Our non invasive laser Lipo technology works with a infrared laser light to melt fat in the fat cells.

We incorporate this treatment into our packages, as the results are much better when combined.

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