Hair density SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

Hair Density

Is the thought of losing your locks causing you to stress? Well, keep your hair on because Hair Density Treatment is designed to fill in thinning areas and add depth to the scalp.

Hair Density is defined by the quantity of hair strands growing from each square inch of the scalp. It is said that a person can possess fine hair but have a high number of strands per square inch or own a thick head of hair of wider stands but fewer per square inch – hair raising stuff!

This permanent, non-surgical medical tattooing treatment, ideal for both men and women, with any hair colour, works through thousands of micro pigment dots being delicately placed into the dermal layer (middle layer of the skin) of the scalp to add density and volume to thinning areas. Hair follicles are not damaged during the process, and little to no discomfort is experienced. The natural hue of the pigment is built up during each treatment to give a natural not harsh/saturated result so to blend with existing strands.

The whole process occurs over 3 sessions lasting from 1 to 4 hours at a time (dependent upon the area being targeted).

Hair loss can occur for several reasons:

· Age

· Stress

· Hormonal changes

· Improper hair care routine (for example, clogged pores affecting scalp health)

· Genetics

Hair Density treatment enhances and disguise balding areas around the temple, hairline and top of the head. However, as with any tattoo, the ink will gradually fade over time, and a top-up treatment may be necessary to maintain the natural appearance, but the pigment can remain vibrant from 3 to 5 years!

Visible results are enjoyed immediately after the first treatment, and downtime is minimal to zero. Although some redness of the scalp may be visible 24 hours after tattooing, clients have returned to their daily duties the next day.

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