It’s Time to See Eye to Eye on Lash Extensions

This ageless, customisable salon treatment gives youth, sharpness, and drama to one’s eyes, as well as buying crucial time from creating volume through curling, applying mascara, or using strip lashes during early morning work starts or pre-party evenings. Lash extensions are literally sitting pretty on most lids of females today.
If applied precisely 0.5mm away from the skin along the natural lash line with surgical-grade glue at the correct thickness, weight and length of fan, extensions can potentially be worn indefinitely – be the ultimate eye candy!
However, if the times does arise for them to be removed to give your natural lashes a bit of a breather, how is this process carried out to minimise damage?


Not only could this result in damage to your natural lashes during their active growing phase, but there is also the potential risk of spreading bacteria from your fingers to the delicate eye areas.

Although it is recommended to book an appointment at your salon to have your lash extensions removed in the twinkling of an eye, they can also be removed at home. However, home removal must be carried out extremely carefully and by using the correct salon purchased adhesive-removing product that safely softens the lash bonds. Off the shelf home remedies including castor oil, baby oil, coconut oil or Vaseline do not break down the glue molecules, so as well as sitting for hours waiting to see any results, there could also be the potential risk of the oil moving between the lashes resulting in an infection. At least 15 minutes is required from first cleansing the lashes to removing the last fan. Your working area must be clean and free from clutter, and all products be at hand ready for use.

So here goes:

  • Remove any non-waterproof eye makeup using a lash brush and gel makeup remover
  • Once carefully patted dry, apply the adhesive-removing product to the extensions using the applicator provided
  • Time for 3-5 minutes
  • Using your lash wand / spoolie brush, carefully comb through your extensions and you will begin to see the extensions attach to the bristles which means the adhesive-removing product is working correctly
  • Repeat the process of applying the adhesive-removing product and time for a longer period 5-10 minutes
  • Again, repeat the process until all the extensions have been carefully and safely removed
  • Lastly, cleanse your natural lashes with a Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel to remove any remaining debris

Now your natural lashes are seeing the light of day once again, they will need an invaluable boost of nourishment through conditioning and tlc.
Using a lash serum purchased from your salon will strengthen and support natural lash growth with ingredients to promote health and non-breakage.
If the correct aftercare is adhered to as recommended by your salon practitioner, your lashes will be ready for their next appointment – be ready to look fablashlous!