Laminated Brows And Microblading

Beautiful Brows

We understand that be beautiful brows can transform your face and enhance natural beauty, which is why we offer a wide range of different treatments at our beauty salon in Rotherham.

From hair removal to hair growth stimulation, I offer a range of services. Whether you want to shape your brows or would like to define your eyebrows with brow tint, you can rely on the beauty treatments I offer at my salon. Additionally, I also provide eyelash extensions.

My Services

Brow Tint

Define and darken your brows with a bespoke brow tint treatment at our beauty salon in Rotherham. Ideal for those with fair brows or those who wish to save time applying makeup, we will choose the correct shade for you based on your skin tone and hair colour.

The tint can last for up to 4 weeks before another treatment is required, and is perfect before jetting off on holiday to keep your brows looking flawless.

QC Brow Design

If you’re looking for highly defined brows then choose the ever-popular QC Brow Design treatment at Creative Touch.

During this treatment we will wax your brows to remove unwanted hairs, before tinting with a custom mixed colour to compliment your skin tone and hair. Our experts will then tweeze any stray hairs to ensure a sharp, defined brow shape.

We finish the treatment by trimming any longer hairs, before applying makeup to conceal any redness and give a gorgeous final look.

This treatment is ideal whether you’re looking for a striking, bold look or a more natural one, as the shape and style of your brows is completely tailored to each client.

Once you’ve tried this amazing treatment we’re confident you’ll be hooked, and we recommend you book in every 5-6 weeks to maintain gorgeous results.


Ideal if your brows require a quick tidy up, book in for a quick Tweezing treatment at our friendly and welcoming beauty salon in Rotherham. Our experts will tweeze away any unwanted hairs, to leave your brows looking neat and tidy.


Wave goodbye to overgrown, bushy brows with a Waxing treatment to get your brows looking sharp! Our kind to skin wax is gentle yet effective, and will quickly remove those pesky, unwanted hairs.

Laminated Brows

Laminated Brows is the amazing new brow service taking the beauty world by storm! Fans include models, celebrities and influencers alike, and the ‘fluffy’ brow look has never been more popular.

This innovative treatment is perfect to fill in sparse areas and give the illusion of more full brows, in a quick, easy and painless treatment.

During the Laminated Brows treatment we smooth out your brows and brush the hairs upwards to create a fluffy, more defined look, before setting them into a place. This makes brows look fuller and hides any gaps or sparse areas.

A tint adds further definition and the finishing touch to your new laminated brows. The results of the treatment can last up to 6 weeks, and you will love waking up with fuller, more defined brows every morning.

Please note a patch test is required for this treatment 48 hours before your appointment.

Semi Permanent Makeup for Beautiful Brows

If you’re looking for the ultimate in low-maintenance brows, then consider a semi permanent brow treatment. We offer a range of different semi permanent make up options depending on your desired look, including microblading, ombre brows and combination brows.

Prior to every treatment we patch test our clients before drawing on the brow to give you an idea how your semi permanent brows will look. At this consultation we also discuss your colour match along with talking you through the entire process ahead of your appointment.

You can be confident that at Creative Touch you’re in the safest hands – our team is professionally trained, licensed and insured, to give you peace of mind.

Hundreds of clients have trusted our beauty salon to give them the semi permanent brows they’ve always dreamed of – but don’t just take our word for it, check out the amazing transformation photos in our Gallery.



Transform the look of your brows with microblading! Whether you have over plucked your brows, lost them due to illness or simply don’t like the shape of them, microblading will give you an instant confidence boost.

In this treatment we use a small handheld blade to create individual hair strokes, mimicking your actual eyebrows. We then deposit a pigment into the wound to give a long lasting colour, and a soft, natural finish.

The treatment is carried out over two sessions, with the second session a top-up appointment once the first application is fully healed.

Our expert technicians will advise you on the appropriate aftercare during your appointment, to ensure your brows heal beautifully.

Microblading is ideal for all different types of clients, both young and old, and hundreds of happy clients have trusted us to give them the semi permanent brows of their dreams.

Depending on your skin type microblading can last anywhere between 18 months and 30 months. Your brows won’t have disappeared completely after this time, the pigment will simply have begun to fade and you’ll require a top up.

Whether you lead an active, busy lifestyle, are a gym bunny sweating it out, or just want to simplify your makeup routine, microblading is the ideal treatment for you. Book in for microblading in Rotherham using our enquiry form today.


Ombre Brows – or Powder Brows – are a popular semi permanent eyebrow treatment which mimics the look of makeup.

Unlike microblading, the Ombre Brow process features a handheld tattoo machine which dispenses tiny pixels of pigment onto the skin. This allows us to build up gradual colour and make brows as natural or as bold as the client desires.

A top up appointment is required once the first application of your brand new brows is fully healed. After this, how long your brows will last depends on your skin type and your routine, but many clients don’t require a further top up for 18 months – 30 months.

Combination Brows

Love the look of Microblading and Ombre Brows? Why choose one when you can have both! Combination Brows is exactly that – a mixture of ombre and microblading techniques.


Love the look of Microblading and Ombre Brows? Why choose one when you can have both! Combination Brows is exactly that – a mixture of ombre and microblading techniques.

The innermost part of the brow closest to the nose is made up of individual hair strokes using the microblading technique, whereas the main body of the brow and out towards the tail is made up of individual pixels for a powdered/makeup look.

This treatment is ideal if your natural brows are sparse and you love the look of individual hair strokes, but want a slightly bolder look.

As with microblading and Ombre Brows, a top up appointment will be required after the initial application, and you can expect your new brows to last between 18 months and 30 months before the pigment begins to fade

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