Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Treatments

Perfect Eyeliner That Lasts

Classic black eyeliner is a look that never goes out of fashion, so wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend time every morning making sure your eyeliner is symmetrical and perfect? With semi permanent eyeliner you can!

If you’re looking for semi permanent eyeliner in Rotherham we’re the salon to choose. We have a range of different options available to enhance your eyes and give you perfect eyeliner, every day.

Choose from your top, bottom or both lids, along with lash enhancements to give your lashes a subtle look of more volume.

As with all semi permanent makeup treatments, it is a two-step process. First, we will do the first application, then once this has healed some weeks later you will return for a top up.

From then you can expect your semi permanent eyeliner to last for between 18 and 30 months before requiring a top up. It’s worth noting that after this time the eyeliner won’t have disappeared altogether, the pigment may have just faded.

Benefits of semi-permanent eyeliner:

Why choose of semi permanent eyeliner:

  • Swim proof, gym proof and shower proof – ideal for those with active lifestyles, and you won’t have to worry about smudges or smears throughout the day
  • It’s a hassle free way to maintain your desired look – stop spending ages applying eyeliner in the morning
  • A range of shades to choose from to ensure your new eyeliner compliments your skin tone

Achieve the look you desire

Other semi permanent makeup

Once you’ve experienced the benefits of semi permanent makeup, we’re confident you’ll want it all! Experts in semi permanent makeup and with hundreds of happy clients, Creative Touch are the salon of choice for all of your SMPU needs.

We also offer a range of different eyebrow treatments, along with lip colours, too. Get in touch now to book your consultation and discuss the perfect options for you.

Liner enhancement

The most subtle of all our semi permanent eyeliner treatments, the Liner Enhancement treatment adds tiny little micro pigments to your lash line, giving the appearance of more voluminous lashes.

It can be applied to either or both of your lash lines and the natural looking results are subtle yet pretty.

All colours are bespoke to the individual client, and our semi permanent make up expert will consult you on the right colour for your skin tone at your appointment. As with all our semi permanent makeup treatments, this is a two-step process and a top-up appointment will be required.

Latino liner

Perfect for clients who want a more structured and defined makeup look – imagine if you could have perfect wings all day long, no smudges and no reapplying. Sounds amazing, right?

Semi permanent Latina eyeliner from Creative Touch Rotherham will give you just that. A gorgeous elongated flick will accentuate and lift the eye, giving a youthful appearance.

As every beautiful set of eyes are different, each Latina eyeliner look is bespoke to the individual client, and our semi permanent make up expert will first draw your liner on to ensure you’re happy with the style before we begin the application process.

Of all the semi permanent eyeliner treatments we offer, this one surely packs the most punch! Just imagine not having to draw your eyeliner on every morning – not having to agonise over getting those flicks perfectly even. How much time would you save?!

Velvet Liner

VelvetLiner™️ is an Advanced Liner Technique designed and created by Courtney herself. Being the innovator of this inspiring technique that is now Internationally recognised is her biggest achievement yet. The VelvetLiner™️ technique is tailored to suit every eye shape and can be as subtle or as strong as desired. The beauty of the progressively vanishing edge and inner eye taper is what sets it apart from others and gives it that striking ability to be recognised worldwide.

Bottom Line

Many of our clients also choose Bottom Liner when undergoing their semi permanent eyeliner treatment.

Eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids frames the eye and makes it look big, contributing to a younger look.

Our Bottom Liner is very subtle and natural looking, and will save you lots of time, and as with all of our semi permanent eyeliner treatments, our expert will create the perfect bespoke colour to suit you.

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