Permanent Lip Colour Treatments

Stunning semi-permanent lip colour

Semi permanent makeup is a brilliant way to maintain your desired look without the hassle, and you can achieve the lips you’ve always wanted with our stunning semi permanent lip colour treatments.

Our bespoke lip treatments will make your lips look fuller and more even, giving a flawless look everyday single day without applying lipstick.

Unlike traditional lipstick, you won’t have to worry about smudges, smears or stains – you can simply feel confident in your new, natural lip colour.

We only use the very best products available, and with our wide choice of colours you can be confident you will find a colour that you love and suits your skin tone.

Our permanent makeup experts will give you plenty of advice on which colours suit you during your initial consultation ahead of your appointment, and you can rest assured that you’re in the safest hands with Creative Touch Rotherham.

Following a semi permanent lip treatment your lips may feel a little swollen and tight, but this will ease very quickly. The procedure itself is largely painless, aside from a little bit of discomfort you may feel when we’re working on the Cupid’s Bow area, as that is the most sensitive area of the lips.

The effects of these gorgeous semi permanent lip treatments can last 2 – 3 years before requiring a top up, saving you time on your beauty routine for years to come!.

Lip Blush

The Blended Lip Blush treatment has the look of a lip liner but with the colour blended throughout the lip. The line itself is less defined, and this treatment is ideal for clients who need to balance the shape of their lips.

Perfect if you don’t already wear lipstick everyday and just need a little boost of colour, without it being too bold.

Lip full colour

As we age we begin to lose the radiance in our skin and lips, meaning the natural pink in our lips tends to look duller. The Full Lip Colour treatment will give the appearance of wearing a soft lipstick shade without the effort of applying it.

There isn’t a defined lip line with the Full Lip Colour, and instead the colour is blended throughout the whole lip. Choose this treatment if you have very little natural pigment in your lips, or you simply want to change your lip colour.

If you’re struggling to choose between lip shades it’s worth remembering you can still apply lipstick over the top of your semi permanent makeup.

Lip contour liner

If your lips need evening out because they’re not symmetrical, or you simply wish to add some more shape and definition to them, this is the ideal semi permanent lip treatment for you. The lips can either be lined in a natural tone close to your natural lip colour, or in a different colour for added definition.

My lip treatments include:

  • Full lip colour
  • Lip contour liner
  • Blended lip blush

Professional semi-permanent makeup

For a hassle-free way to maintain your desired look, why not consider semi-permanent make up. At Creative Touch you can be sure to trust my professional treatments. At my salon I also offer semi-permanent eyeliner too.

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